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ADHD Medical Management & Treatment

Serving the state of Florida.
  Open after 5pm on weekdays!
  Open weekends!


Mon-Thurs: 5:15pm-8pm

Friday: 2-8pm

Saturday: 2-8pm

Sunday 8am-8pm

At our practice, we operate on a cash-only basis and do not accept insurance. It's worth noting that while we don't directly work with insurance providers, having insurance can potentially lead to cost savings on medications at the pharmacy

Better focus IMPROVES quality of life

Having proper focus is paramount to success in business and relationships. ADHD  (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) treatment increases productivity, enhances learning, and improves decision making skills while at the same time decreasing stress. ADHD treatment also allows for better work and personal relationships due to better engagement and empathy with social interactions. 

Not to mention, untreated adults with ADHD have a lower life expectancy (2x greater risk of death vs adults without ADHD)! 


ADHD initial evaluation

$119 for the first visit ONLY.

You will first purchase your initial evaluation. Once completed, go back to the "Pricing" page, and choose between one of our three ADHD management plans (Platinum, Gold, and Bronze). 


ADHD Monthly Membership

Choose between Platinum, Gold, or Bronze plans.

Membership Includes:

Medication refill (cost of medication not included).

Follow up visits (yes, they are free).

See the pricing page



EVERY visit for a patient <18 years old will require BOTH one parent/guardian AND the patient themselves to be present. If both are not present for the visit, the visit will have to be rescheduled and this will incur a missed visit fee of $25. 


Patients may be required to complete a urine drug screen before starting treatment with stimulant medications. Patients will also be required to obtain timely urine drug screens (completed within the week) upon request of the practitioner. Patients may also be required to obtain periodic urine drug screen monitoring, at the practitioners discretion. 


Patients are required to have a follow up visit at minimum once every 3 months


Patients are required to obtain a physical exam from their primary care provider once per year and are to fax the visit to Hartmann Health Medical at 919-925-5909.


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