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Affordable Psychiatry

From a real person you can know and trust! (not a big faceless corporation)

Mattias Hartmann, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry.

Owner and Psychiatric Medical Provider at Hartmann Health Medical. 

Hartmann Health Medical   vs   Big Psych Corporation

HHM vs Big Psych Corp.png

Self-Pay Pricing

 Psychiatry Membership

(most cost-effective if you will need monthly visits)

- First month: $149

- Every month thereafter: Only $79

*Cancel anytime, NO binding contract

**Includes 1 follow up visit monthly. 

Psychiatry Fee Per Visit

(most cost-effective if don't need monthly visits)​

- Initial Consultation (60 min): $149

- Follow up visits (30 min): $99

100% money back guarantee

I run a small private practice, so word of mouth is everything. If you're unhappy for any reason after your first visit, ask for a refund and you'll get it, no questions asked. I'm in the business of helping people get better, and I'm honored to have you place your trust in me for your mental health. 

Money back guarantee.png

Need more information before signing up? Fill out the form below and Mattias will call you personally to answer any questions you may have.

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