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Two Treatment Tracks

1. Conventional Psychiatry

Best for you if

You don't have insurance (or have high deductible insurance), and you are looking for traditional, cost-effective Psychiatric medication management care from a medical provider you know and trust. 

This treatment track offers standard treatment strategies, and is sufficient for many people. 

2. Conventional + Integrative Psychiatry

Best for you if

You are unsatisfied with what conventional Psychiatry can offer, would like root-cause Functional Psychiatry testing, prefer longer visit times with a more holistic approach, or are interested in exploring alternatives/complementary treatments to medications. 

Track #1 includes: 

✔️45-60 minute Initial consultation

Track #2 includes: 

✔️60-90 minute Initial consultation

✔️15-30 minute follow up visits

✔️30-45 minute follow up visits

✔️Basic (Conventional) lab testing and interpretation as needed (cost for tests are separate)

✔️Advanced (Functional) lab testing and interpretation (cost for tests are separate)

✔️Psychiatric medication management

✔️Psychiatric medication management

✔️Calculated symptom tracking with rating scales. What gets measured, gets managed

✔️Calculated symptom tracking with rating scales. What gets measured, gets managed

✔️Supplement protocols

✔️Nutraceutical augmentation strategies

✔️In-session therapy and goal setting

✔️In-depth diet review and modifications for optimal brain health

✔️In-depth exercise review and modifications for optimal brain health

Track #1: Conventional Psychiatry Plans

Conventional Psychiatry Membership


Every month

+One Time $120 Registration Fee

Conventional Psychiatry

Fee Per Service

- Initial Consultation (45-60 min): $199

- Follow up visits (15-30 min): $119

Track #2: Conventional + Integrative Psychiatry Plans

Conventional + Integrative Psychiatry Membership


Every month

+One Time $180 Registration Fee

Conventional + Integrative Psychiatry Fee Per Service

- Initial Consultation (90 min): $299

- Follow up visits (45 min): $199

Areas of Focus



I can help you improve your focus and motivation to complete the tasks you need to get done in your life, like school and work, so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy and with the people you love. 


I can help improve your mood, and get you back to doing the things that you enjoy doing in life, like setting and achieving goals, and strengthening your relationships with others. 


I can help you relax your mind, reduce worry, and strengthen your self esteem, so you can live more in the moment and enjoy every moment of your life, regardless of the circumstances. 

I do treat other Psychiatric conditions not mentioned above, but these are the primary areas of specialty in my practice. Please contact me if you have questions regarding treatment for your specific condition.  

Integrative Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric Medication Management

The power of having a Psychiatric provider on your team that understands both Conventional Psychiatry and Integrative Psychiatry if that we can tailor your treatment plan to fit your exact needs. Some people more hesitant to start prescription medication and prefer more alternative approaches, while other are more comfortable with traditional medicine approaches. But most people are in the middle!

For many patients who are in the middle, we can use lower doses of prescription medications, thus significantly lowering or eliminating side effects and improving patient outcomes. 

Psychiatric-Focused Lab Testing

Hormone problems and nutrient deficiencies are often the cause of depression, anxiety, or attention issues, and they often get missed by providers that do not check labs. Some of these abnormalities include high/low thyroid, subclinical hypothyroid, vitamin D deficiency, folate and B12 deficiency, testosterone deficiency, and iron deficiency. We can also check for specific antidepressant levels in the blood to make sure you are taking an adequate dose for your body. 

Functional Lab Testing 

Functional lab testing in Integrative Psychiatry searches beyond the usual lab tests to discover the root cause of mental illness. Some of dysfunctions I look for in functional tests include gut dysfunction (bad gut bacteria overgrowth), adrenal dysfunction testing (stress hormones like cortisol), vitamin and mineral deficiencies (advanced testing not done at usual labs), amino acid deficiency, and omega-3 deficiency.

Herbal, Vitamin, and Mineral Supplementation

There are so many helpful alternatives to prescription medications in Psychiatry, and sometimes they are used together with prescriptions to improve the effect and decrease side effects. Some of these alternative treatments include broad spectrum micronutrients, 5-HTP, SAMe, nutritional lithium, omega-3 oil, amino acids, magnesium, zinc, and thyroid hormone, among others. 


My goal in our visits to listen intently to the difficulties you are having, so we can come up with the best solution to your situation together. I also use methods from mindfulness as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Lifestyle coaching

Whether you are having trouble with sadness and depression or you are looking to optimize your productivity and life satisfaction, I can give you the strategies to approach your life from a goal driven perspective. Humans constantly have to have a goal they are striving towards. Without a goal (or purpose), many people feel depressed, anxious, and low motivation. I have had significant success with some of my patients in mood improvement and productivity increase, and I can do the same for you. 

Genetic testing

No two people are alike, and neither is your biochemistry. Genetic testing allows us to have a better idea of which medications to avoid and which medications may be helpful for you.

Your Next Steps


If you have questions, call or message Mattias so we can make sure working together with be helpful for you.


Sign up for either the Conventional Psychiatry or the Integrative Psychiatry track. Your request will be accepted within 24-48 hours at which point you will be able to book your visit time. 


Complete your first visit, come up with the right plan for you together, and execute the plan!

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